Susan David is an author, certified Christian Life Coach, Bible teacher, radio and internet broadcaster, trainer, advisor and coach to pastors and pastor’s wives as well as Christians and non-Christians. She received her training and credentials at Christian Training Center under Dr. Albert Grimes as well as PCCCA; Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy.

She is founder of Susan David Life Coach.

Susan spent over nine years as a Christian radio broadcaster on three Christian radio stations as well as building a support system for Pastors’ and sending out bi-monthly periodicals.

Susan Lives in San Diego, California with her husband and dog. She has two children and enjoys having friends and family over for dining.


What can you expect when you come for coaching?  As your mentor or coach if you'll listen to me here's what you'll gain:
  *  My wisdom and direction will paralyze your adversaries who are against you.
  *  My wisdom will cause influential people around you to listen to you.
  *  My wisdom will cause you to recognize the weakness of your enemies.
  *  My wisdom will not only point out what you are doing right so you can increase it, but also I will point out any
       weakness so you can correct it.
  *  My wisdom if heeded, will cause promotion and honor to come to you.
  *  My wisdom will bring strength, self assurance, power and control in your life so success will be your gain.
  *  My wisdom will zero in on weaknesses in you before you experience the pain of them.  I'll see an enemy
        before you discern him.  I'll discern a problem you are about to create.
  *  My wisdom will help you fight against any philosophy, pitfalls or prejudices that would rob you of
         experiencing complete success in your life.

Try a 30 minute session with me.  Leave your name and email on my 'Contact' page.  I'll get back with you within  24 hours.

   "Invest everything to spend time and moments with an uncommon mentor God has chosen to sow in your 
life.  Recognition of an uncommon mentor will prevent a thousand heartaches."
                                                   Dr. Mike Murdock



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    Susan's genre is in Christian non-fiction where you'll find truth without compromise